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Raising the "bar" on
non-alcoholic beverages

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We envision an environment where the stigma of alcoholism, addiction, mental illness and not drinking alcohol is eliminated.



Our mission is to encourage choice in how we celebrate by providing a variety of sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages to consumers and hosting alcohol-free bars and events.



Inclusion – we believe
Choice – we believe
Healthy – we believe
Innovative – believe
Sophisticated – we believe

About Us

The idea for Sobar began in Florida when we saw a HUGE, pulsating beach volleyball party with over 1000 people.  It was an alcohol-free event and I thought why not bring this vibe and excitement to events in my community?

The event fermented (get it) for a few years and one evening while attending a concert at Merriweather Post Pavillion, it gelled.  I was at a beautiful bar and my options as a non-drinker were soda, Red Bull or creating a “mocktail” in my head and asking a bartender to prepare it.

I envisioned

  • Beautiful bars serving non-alcoholic beverages with healthy ingredients, innovative, sophisticated flavors and exciting tastes;
  • A separate point of purchase for events serving alcohol to remove a potential trigger for people in recovery from alcoholism and addiction; and
  • Creating exciting alcohol-free events.

Sobar was launched in 2017 after we entered and were one of three winners in the Changemaker Challenge contest sponsored by The Horizon Foundation and United Way. (link here to the article)

Since then, Sobar has served at cutting edge non-profit events in our community and this year will begin our alcohol free event schedule.

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